Topic: How was your NMIMS interview experience?

How was your NMIMS interview experience?

Re: How was your NMIMS interview experience?

I actually do not have a favorite strategy as there are 6 different market conditions and I change strategies based on the market conditions for trading.

I do prefer swing, momentum, and velocity trading. Years ago I made 10 times the income that my day trading partner did. I spent a couple hours a day and he was working 8–10 hours. My profits made him switch trading styles after that.

Swing trading is fun. It is 3–10 day hold. It is easy to identify where large lot pro traders are doing setups IF you know the candlestick patterns that represent large lot pro floor traders. That keeps it simple and profitable.


Re: How was your NMIMS interview experience?

NMIMS, Mumbai. Morning slot.

Nmat score: 209

Cutoff: 207

We were asked to refer to a notice board to find out our group and classroom allotment. In the classroom, we were asked to furnish the call letter and sign the attendance sheet. They gave us a short break for tea and biscuits but I didn't have it because I was sure I'd spill some on my shirt. Then, a senior faculty member came and briefed us about NMIMS and the cdpi process and cleared our doubts. Post this, we were called for our case discussion.

Case discussion:

I was the only girl in a group of 11 and I was probably one of the youngest candidates there, so right off the bat I was a little intimidated. Our case was an exerpt from a newspaper article about how technology is taking away jobs. The point of discussion was “ is technology taking away all existing jobs?”.

It was the first real discussion I was attending so I wasn't sure what to expect but I soon realised that the key to getting your point across was relentless persistence. Everytime there's a gap, around five people will start talking at once and the one who can maintain his composure and speak for the longest ends up being the one to get his point across. I was very clear with the point I wanted to make and when I found an opening, I took it. I think the other panelists were actually quite nice to me ( probably because I was the only girl) so once I started talking I had no trouble making my point.

Personal interview:

I was eighth in my panel. Those who went before me said that the interviewers were very friendly and weren't grilling at all. I don't know if I let this get to my head but I found the interview quite hard; this may also be because it was my first interview. There were three interviewers, M1, F1,F2.

F1: you are in your final semester at college?


F1: so what elective did you choose?

I chose auditing.

M1: but that is completely unrelated to an mba. If that is your interest then why an mba?

Explained how that wasn't the elective I wanted and that was the only option left for me. Told them how I wanted organisational behaviour instead as that is more related to an mba.

M1: so what is organisational behaviour?

I told them I wasn't really sure but it was related to hr.

M1: if you're not sure then why did you want to take it?

Told them how my seniors asked me to take ob if I liked hr and that I liked hr.

M1: what are the big four companies in audit?


M1: what is the difference between preference and equity shares?


M1: why do you want to do mba as a fresher?

Told them my well prepared answers. Told them i have a job offer from KPMG but don't intend on taking it up. They asked me why and I said I'm not prepared to undertake such a role. There was a lot of back and forth on this. They really grilled me about doing mba as a fresher and I later heard the same thing from a lot of freshers . I told them I wanted to be an investment banker and they asked me what an investment banker does and the factors they consider when advising their clients. I had prepared this quite well so I could answer this confidently.

F2: what is the current interest rate for savings deposits?

I had no idea. Thought about guessing but decided against it as I could be far off.

F2: what do you have to say about the recent bank scams?

I started talking about nirav Modi and vijay Mallya but she cut me off and asked me to talk about something more recent. So I started talking about the PMC bank scam. She stopped me inbetween and asked me “ are you sure it's PMC and not PNB?”. I was thrown off a little but quite confident. I didn't know much about it but mentioned how the changes in the recent budget help protect against such scams.

F2: what are some ways for banks to reduce the number of bad loans?

Blabbered something for this. I had no idea. Said something about more intensive background checks.

They said that's all. I thanked them for the opportunity and left.

The male interviewer had recieved a phone call halfway through the interview and left. I didn't see him after that. This further forced me to think that they weren't interested in me, the reasons for which are the fact that I'm a fresher and my low nmat score. I don't think it went very well but we will have to wait and see.

Anyway, NMIMS has a beautiful building and the pictures on Google really don't do it justice. Neither will this but just thought I'd share.

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