Topic: What is your preferred beverage?

What is your preferred beverage?

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Re: What is your preferred beverage?

I almost always drink only 4 types of beverages:

Water. All the time. I drink a lot of water no matter where I am, what time of the day or night it is, or what I’m doing.
Coffee. This is what keeps me going during the day. I drink 3 cups of coffee a day: 1 when I wake up, 1 mid morning, and 1 after lunch.
Wine, especially red/Pinot Noir/Zinfandel. That’s my leisure beverage and the only alcohol I will drink 99% of the time (might accept a beer, champagne or a cocktail occasionally). Zinfandel is my favorite grape, but I alternate with Pinot Noir because it’s considered the healthiest one.
Hot tea, especially green tea (when having Japanese or Chinese food) or herbal tea (a special brand/type I like that helps when you have a cold).
When working out or racing, I might have electrolytes or cola. When lacking sleep, I might drink energy drinks. When feeling sick, I might drink Emergen-C. But these are all exceptions, not the rule.

My favorite one is water. Especially where I live, in the SF Bay Area, water is delicious! Nothing beats the pleasure of having a glass of fresh water when you’re feeling thirsty.