Topic: How do I start a career in digital marketing?

How do I start a career in digital marketing?


Re: How do I start a career in digital marketing?

I felt I could answer this as I went trough the same journey.

I am Italian. I moved in London less than 5 years ago after my degree in International Business. I have always been fascinated by digital marketing but I needed to perfect my English first (and pay the bills) so I took a job in an English restaurant.

I then did 6 months English course which ended up with a good 8/10 at the IELTS test (bear in mind, I was not starting from zero, I knew the language, I just needed a bit of confidence).

Once I finish the test (in Dec 2012) digital marketing re came to my mind so I started applying for different junior positions. After a couple of months of NO ONE even replying to my applications, I did a bit get frustrated, so I went to the bottom of the problem.

The problem was that I never worked in marketing (or in any other office environment) and my career in London was based only on my role in hospitality. I realized I needed to get a bit of experience in my CV in order for it to be more appealing in the yes of recruiters.

I started applying for different work experiences and got multiple answers. So I decided to go and help the marketing manager of a charity in west London. And that’s when the ball start really rolling.

At that point, I reduced my shifts at the restaurant (not hours because they could not change me in part time) and worked 3 days at the charity (this was March 2013).

After a while my manager at the charity told me that if I really wanted my paid career to start, I should looking in doing a professional qualification. I went on research the same day, and with her help, found that one of the best courses out there for digital marketing is the CAM Diploma in Digital Marketing.

So that was decided, in September 2013 I made the first payment (with my money from the restaurant) and was enrolled.

That started my new routine: Monday to Wednesday study/work at the charity, Thursday to Saturday work the restaurant (around 30/35 hours in 3 days because my contract was still full time), Sunday study.

This lasted until April 2014, when I decided it was time for me to find my first job in the City. So I quit the restaurant and start applying for new opportunities in digital (with my experience and my undergoing diploma in first position).

Less than 2 months passed that I started (2nd of June, 2014) in the digital team at the Adecco Group UK & Ireland as digital marketing assistant.

This is the story of how I got myself into digital marketing from no experience whatsoever.

Bottom line, what you need is:

hard work
work experience / internship
at least a proven qualification
passion (but I guess if you do 1–3 you are already passionate about it)
bit of luck to be there when the position is available
Hope this helps.

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