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Topic: How to Open an Online Bank Account ?

I really don't know how to open an Bank account. So anyone who know this process please tell help me.


Re: How to Open an Online Bank Account ?

I had applied all my accounts online only. Most of them asked for a PAN card. But, you can open a Federal bank selfie account without any PAN card. When you are opening the Federal Bank Selfie account, just skip the PAN Card option. But there are some restrictions with that account. You can't have more than 1 lakh in your account and the credit balance must not exceed 2 lakhs without completing Full KYC. And you must complete the Full KYC within 11 months from the date of the account opening online. If you want PAN Card, you can get online within 10 mins without any fee. You can check on YouTube. But, if you need a physical PAN Card you have to pay Rs 106/- to deliver to your home. For this also check on YouTube. And if once PAN Card is delivered, you can open Kotak 811 zero balance account online and can complete Full KYC with video calling without visiting any branch. But, if you need a bank account urgently go with federal bank. With the federal bank, they provide you with a Rupay platinum card. It will be delivered within 15 working days. But, my card got delivered in 9 days.There are other banks also which provide Video KYC. But, you have to maintain a minimum balance. To make all the above things happen, your mobile must be linked with Aadhar. If not, please get it done. If you have any queries, ping me on quora.

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